3 Ways You Are Doing Too Much #TeamNatural

Young Fabulous & Natural

For some reason, I find that natural women feel like if they make being natural seem like a complicated, time consuming formula and process, it gives them some sort of credibility. Like if it takes them the entire afternoon to wash their hair, it is because they really know how to take care of their natural hair. Meanwhile, I’m over here wash, moisturize, twist and done in an hour. Are you doing too much?

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Wash and Go’s on 4b Hair

Natural Fantastic

Can wash and go’s really work on 4b hair? Here are some methods that may be more suitable for this hair type.

The first time I tried a wash and go I vowed to never do it again. The method I first used was to; wash my hair, coat it with Eco Styler gel and then literally go.  This resulted in severe shrinkage; my hair looked like a TWA. I didn’t mind the look but the next day my hair was severely tangled. I had to painstakingly separate every strand as carefully as possible or risk breakage.

So what has changed? I have tried a number of methods in the last few months. Now I believe the wash and go is a styling option for me. Stretched out styles are better for my hair because they result in less knots. However, wash and go’s are great for women who work…

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Welcoming Myself Back

Hello darlings,

I don’t know if I have said this somewhere before but I find WordPress.com extremely hard to use.

It’s too complicated and too techy. Maybe I am not just used to their interface. I am well familiar with Blogger.


Now, I have decided that I will be putting in all my effort into it to see if I can make this come alive again. And I will.

I know that I can do this. I may not be posting as often as I ought to but I will do well to update as soon as I can. So, in this month of September 2014, I am welcoming myself back on to WordPress with a new theme and page design.

I love the new look: white, crisp and simple!

Let’s do this, peeps.



Hello beauts!!!

It’s been a while I blogged on here.


And so I got a new Z10 that’s making life easier for me; and blogging as well. I would have loved it very much if Blogger had a native app on the BB Z10 but as it is, there’s none so far.

I’m constantly looking for new ways to make my online life easier and faster since conventional blogging has proved tedious for me.

Back to being beautiful, there are millions of stuff I’d love to share and I will be doing that over the course of time. Meanwhile enjoy this FOTD.

Love you guys plenty



Welcome to 2012!!!

Hello peeps!
Before i say anything, let me welcome you all into the New Year. Welcome to 2012!!!
Yes, it’s our first time blogging on WordPress and we’re excited about it!
We have really grown a lot. Loads of improvements, high quality in our pictures and most importantly, more creativity in our work. Everyone that own a blog can agree with me that it is not easy to keep up with the updates.
Notwithstanding, we love to keep you updated and all things makeup and beauty. So, if you want to join in the conversation, keep up with our lovely and adorable pictures that inspire you to create your own look,

Follow us on Twitter on @IfyCynthetic;
on Facebook: Cynthetic Makeovers
or you can visit our brand new website: www.cyntheticmakeovers.com

And you will not be left out.

Speaking of which, the pics on this post is our very first work for 2012. This was done on Jan 3, 2010.

Client’s name: Moyo

Moyo has such a beautiful and flawless skin. The foundation just sat comfortably on her face. She normally isn’t used to making up at all but for the sake of this photo shoot, she had no choice but to wear makeup. You’re guess is as good as mine. She loved her look and her brows especially.

We do hope you loved our very first post. Do feel free to ask us any question.

Lots of love. xoxo